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IT Help

In order to get the best out of our site, please have a look at the following system requirements:

Browser Settings:

The following browsers have been fully tested.  Other browser may also work.

  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer 8 onwards
  • Chrome

As a standard the following should be on but please check:

  • Cookies enabled from,
  • Javascript enabled 

Firewall Settings:

Please send this to your IT department to action. All images and files are optimised for web traffic and are checked for viruses:

  • Whitelist the following domains,,
  • Allow pdfs from - these are optimised
  • Videos will either be links to youtube or other similar site or we will be streaming .mp4 or .ogg formats

We have integrated to the online services from and to save images and pdf's from our site.

Email Requirements:

For members who have issues receiving the bulletins from stylus it is advisable to whitelist the following domains, images & pdf's:

  • allow images and pdf's from


Most problems occur when the browser itself gets confused or corrupted.

So the first steps are to clear the browser cache (locally stored files to speed up your browsing experience) and cookies (used to store your preferences).

Click below to get instructions for the various browsers:

For any other queries contact Please include as much information as possible, for example browser type and version, any error messages and a screen shot.