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Published: 6 Nov 2015

Lucky Trip: Adventure Curation App

Lucky Trip

American entrepreneurs Tiff and Alex Burns have created an iOS app that encourages users to take spontaneous trips by curating a destination, mode of transport and an activity unique to that location at the touch of a button.

Called Lucky Trip, users first set their budget before tapping the 'Lucky' button. They then wait for the app to generate a selection of flights from travel search engine Skyscanner, as well as reasonably priced and desirable accommodation from, and exciting activities specific to that region. If the user is dissatisfied with the suggested trip, they can simply tap the 'Lucky' button again to receive a new curated offer.

The app chimes with modern travellers' desire for authentic and enriching travel opportunities, where they can immerse themselves in an exotic culture or unusual pastime – especially millennials. See Travel for the Experience Collector for more on this trend.

For more on millennials' travel priorities, see Millennial Travel Habits, All Aboard: Millennials & Cruises and Hotels & Millennials. For a broader look at the impact of technology on the hotel industry, see High-Tech Hospitality.

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