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Published: 20 Mar 2017

JFK’s Terminal for Pets

JFK's Pet Terminal

New York's John F Kennedy International Airport is set to open a $65m, 20,000 sq ft 'terminal for animals' later this year.

The Ark at JFK, which will be the world's first privately owned 24/7 animal airport terminal, will cater to a variety of species – from household cats and dogs to horses, livestock and zoo animals. Split into three sections, the facility will boast an Equine & Livestock Centre, an Aviary In-Transit Quarantine and a Pet Oasis.

The terminal will include a luxury pet spa, bone-shaped splash pools, walking tracks for horses and a cat adventure playground. Pets that need to stay overnight can be booked into a $100-per-night 'top dog suite', which will include a human-sized bed, a flat screen TV, webcam access for their owner and photographs provided by their owner to make them feel more at home.

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