Trend Report Lowdown: Dynamic Youth

Date:Wednesday, April 10, 2019
Author:Charlie Gilbert

Our latest Spotlight Trend, Dynamic Youth, gets under the skin of today’s teenagers. Here’s what you’ll discover in its three reports.

So, who are the Dynamic Youth?

Gen Z. You’ve probably heard of them. Aged around seven to 23, they’re distinctly different to the generations preceding them. In fact, the way they think, communicate and consume has been entirely reshaped.

How come?

Well, this is the first generation of digital natives. They’ve grown up (or are still growing) in an era of technological change, social media dominance and a volatile economic climate. They are, as a result, agile, driven and focused on equality.

Presumably this has implications for brands?

It does. Big ones. The Dynamic Youth – by which we really mean teenagers rather than older or young Gen Zers – are also pragmatic, risk-averse and seeking support in many areas of their lives. And it’s key to understand them now, because by 2020 they’ll represent 40% of all consumers.

How can I start understanding them?

Well, consider the Dynamic Youth from three angles. First: the phenomenon that is the Gen Z side hustle. In Powering the Brand of Self, we unpack how brands can infiltrate and assist this space by exploring everything from personalised micro shops to monetised mentorship.

Second: you’ll need to play to Gen Z behaviours. In Retail Meets Media, we highlight the importance of your brand showing a point of view, how you can embrace hyper-interactivity, and how to appeal to Gen Z’s desire for focus and continuity amid the social-media chaos.

Third: know that, for an open-minded Gen Z, inclusivity, ethics and the expectation of connections are default settings. Know also that the isolation of digital living, coupled with economic uncertainty, have triggered a collective crisis of confidence.

In Making Scenes: Purpose, Protection & Connection, we uncover a new commercial breed of self-care services, and, intriguingly, in-real-life concepts that counter social-media-induced malaise.

What else will Dynamic Youth teach me?

That today’s teenagers really want to make something of themselves; they don’t want to feel like they’re selling out. That they’ll engage with well-constructed content; hype and authenticity aren’t everything if a video, for example, is well-considered. And why helping the undeserved, and taking a beyond-transaction stance, will be key strategies for future teen favourites.

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