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Published: 9 Oct 2017

Six-Piece Skincare: Lixir


New British skincare line Lixir’s capsule collection of universal, multitasking everyday essentials caters to rising consumer demand for simple, streamlined, effective beauty regimes. 

The six-piece offering is designed to be combined and alternated, allowing for seamless insertion into existing beauty regimes, while also providing an all-encompassing skincare regime of its own. The products fall into two focused sets: a collection of three everyday essentials for face, neck and hands; and three Night Switch products with pure active molecules to target specific skin concerns.

The essentials range encompasses the Vitamin C Paste morning cleansing mask, the Universal Emulsion to moisturise and seal the skin (both of which form a complete morning regime), and the Electrogel Cleanser which, together with the emulsion, provides a night-time cleanser and moisturiser.

The Night Switch products can be used in different combinations to tackle two main skin concerns: ageing and breakout-prone skin. The Retinol 1%, which boosts skin cell renewal, can be alternated with the exfoliating PHA/AHA 10% to combat ageing skin.

Each item takes on the role of multiple skincare products. For instance, the negatively charged Electrogel Cleanser also doubles as a detoxifying face mask that captures and eliminates positively charged toxins, such as pollution nanoparticles.

With its millennial pink packaging and a respected founder at the helm – French dermo-pharmacist Dr Colette Haydon, formulator of bestselling skincare products for brands such as Ren – Lixir appeals to both younger and older consumers, tapping a wider audience.

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