Date:Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The average person touches 140 things a day. And when you consider all these things together, it paints an honest picture of a person’s emotions and values.

This is according to Every Thing We Touch author Paula Zuccotti, our latest Future Thinking guest, who tells host Christian Ward that it’s time for brands to look beyond consumers’ age, demographics and location.

“Things are not so linear anymore,” she explains. “Knowledge comes when you start to understand the people you’re talking about. You need to dive deep to uncover the emotions and values of the people you want to reach.

Paula is joined by Elspeth Taylor, our Consumer Attitudes and Technology researcher, who argues that brands must do more to understand consumers’ values and emotion-driven priorities.

“They need to look at more granular expressions of personality and reach these to be more effective in their marketing,” she says.

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