Date:Tuesday, March 12, 2019
Author:Charlie Gilbert

Our children’s relationship with technology is no longer just a consumptive one. New products are allowing them to understand things like AI, voice and circuits – and the implications could be huge.

“We’re not saying that you’re going to learn coding and automatically become a developer,” says Tech Will Save Us CEO Bethany Koby in the latest episode of our Future Thinking podcast. “We’re saying that by being exposed to tech in a creative way, kids will see it as a medium they can do things with.”

Bethany is joined by Dewi Pinatih, our senior editor of Product Design, to discuss not only kids’ changing interactions with tech, but how adults have started rejecting inbuilt obsolescence in the products they buy – and how this represents a real opportunity for designers.

“Brands are starting to understand that people want things when they need them,” Dewi says. “Up until now, we’ve simply disposed of the old and got the new. This is changing – people are becoming more reluctant to buy new.”

Intrigued? Listen to Bethany and Dewi’s thoughts in full:


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