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Media & Marketing
Published: 24 Sep 2015

VIDEO: Get Real

Our Get Real macro trend explores how brands can successfully engage with a new generation of austerity-hardened consumers who value fallibility, vulnerability and real human emotion over the idealised promise of a perfect life. Reports include:

  • Raw Human: We track the evolution of the consumer desire to be engaged as real, emotional human beings.
  • Marketing Imperfection: Consumers are done with the unattainable ideals of traditional marketing. Being 'in the moment', vulnerable, and fallible are the values that count for any brand looking to engage the post-aspirational customer.
  • Beta Brandscapes: From incubator flagships and complicit commerce, to nurturing the 'invested self', we reveal the new, beta-based rules of engagement.
  • Retail Beyond The Algorithm: We track how to harness impulse and emotion, via intuitive discovery, sensory branding, the value of 'leaning in' and virtual reality's vicarious thrills.
  • Finding Strength: Consumers are learning to be strong in a world that has sold them false or stereotypical images of strength. We capture these new definitions and show how brands can use them to drive growth.
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