Weekly Thought-Starter #024: Three Is a Magic Number

Date:Monday, May 13, 2019
Author:Charlie Gilbert

We wanted to give you three thought-provoking things this week. Which seems fitting given that in exactly three weeks and three days, we’ll be throwing open the doors to Decoded Future in London.

Thing number one: Gen Z. Who are they? What are their values? How do you speak to them? “They’re real activists,” says Glamour editor-in-chief Deborah Joseph, who’ll be appearing on the It’s a Meme World Out There panel. “They respond well when you’ve got a cause and a point of view.”

Katie Baron, our head of Retail, will unpack the importance of having a point of view in her Unique Force of Gen Z presentation, which reveals how – and why – Gen Z are so different from the generations preceding them.

Thing number two: sustainability. You may have seen our interview with Carole Collet, Central Saint Martins’ director of sustainable innovation, on Friday. “There’s an assumption that sustainability is more expensive,” she says. “But implementing sustainable values actually means not wasting anything. That’s a huge cost saving to start with.”

At Decoded Future, you’ll discover how to make your business more sustainable. Two highlights: Carole’s From Waste to Wealth: Moving to a Circular Economy panel, and our director of Consumer Product Emily Gordon-Smith’s Towards Our Sustainable Future presentation.

Thing number three: the unprecedented rise of niche brands. Why are they so successful? “Consumers don’t just want to buy something, they want brands to give them an experience,” says Miller Harris CEO Sarah Rotheram, who’ll be appearing on the appropriately named Rise of the Niche Brand panel, and whose interview you can look forward to reading this Friday.

“Niche brands are very good at storytelling, whether the craft behind the product, or the inspiration behind it. Their commercial approach is centred on community building.”

We’d love to see you at Decoded Future on Thursday, 6 June – so much so that we’re giving you 20% off the standard ticket price. Just head over to the tickets page and use the STYLUS20 discount code.

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