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Published: 3 Feb 2016

Parcel for Me Personalises E-Tail


Acknowledging the cash-guzzling obstacle of slow, inaccurate and impersonal e-payment and delivery systems, UK business Parcel for Me pulls a raft of browsing, buying and delivery-tracking information into one, easy-to-manage app.

The brand new platform – an app for consumers and a plug-in for retailers – was primarily devised in response to research that revealed global retailers currently lose £2.6trn ($3.75trn) to online abandonment caused by consumer frustration (Business Insider). It allows shoppers to browse e-tail sites; buy with just one click, thanks to stored payment details; manage multiple orders from different retailers, including storing receipts and details of past purchases; and even request preferred couriers. Retailers aren't obliged to accommodate the latter, but the sense of greater consumer-brand dialogue presents an important shift towards more satisfying consumption.

There's also a valuable social aspect – users have a personal feed on which to connect with other app users and their social networks, sharing reviews and images of items they've purchased. "It includes everything you've bought, has a section for recommendations, rating scores, and even the option to engage in reselling opportunities," said CEO Luke Davids. "It will make impulse buying much more of a reality."

The UK-based platform, which is primed for global expansion, is free to both consumers and brands – revenue is generated via targeted in-app marketing and retail data insights.

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