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Published: 16 Feb 2015

Louis Vuitton Series 2 Exhibition: Heritage & Insider Access

Louis Vuitton's 'Series 2' exhibition in Los Angeles

Proving the value of heritage in the most modern manner, luxury French fashion house Louis Vuitton has launched a creative exhibition titled Series 2 in Los Angeles. It allows the public to learn about the brand's back-story, including a peek behind the scenes of its S/S 15 runway collection (also called Series 2).

The overarching aim of the project – which is an updated version of Series 1, an exhibition that travelled to Shanghai and Tokyo last year to promote Nicolas Ghesquière's first runway collection for the brand – is to extend brand reach. The concept trades on the notion of providing a level of access to Ghesquière, Louis Vuitton's creative director, by granting unprecedented vistas into his new collection and lesser-known aspects of the brand's heritage. "Fashion shows are amazing, but they are for a small amount of people," he said.

This is a tactic previously explored via social media for the S/S 15 shows, when Ghesquière took charge of the brand's Instagram account ahead of the event. See Exploiting Insider Access and Fashion Week S/S 15: Social Media & Tech (Behind-the-Scenes Teasers = Social Media Buzz) for more.

Series 2 is set in seven rooms in a Hollywood warehouse, each housing a unique installation. One room is a detailed recreation of the backstage area of a runway show, while another shows videos depicting brand craftsmanship. High-tech installations include a hologram presentation of the history of the brand's iconic steamer trunks, and massive holographic projections designed for the S/S 15 runway show, inspired by cult sci-fi film Dune and created in collaboration with acclaimed British set designer, Es Devlin.

Accessories from the brand's archives reside in an all-white room, displayed on and around life-sized, white, 3D-printed plastic replicas of Dutch model Marte Mei van Haaster posing in different positions.

All 48 looks from the collection are displayed in a 360-degree projection within a "hall of mirrors", while images from the corresponding advertising campaign are posted all over the wall of another room.

Nothing is for sale, admission is free and, as a souvenir, visitors can take stickers depicting everyday items such as hair dryers and headphones based on a print in the Series 2 collection.

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