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Product Design
Published: 16 Aug 2016

Maker On the Go: Ultimaker Backpack Add-On

Ultimaker 2 Go Backpack Add-On

One of the leading 3D printer manufacturers, Ultimaker, has introduced a new backpack kit as a portable solution for its most compact printer, the Ultimaker 2 Go.

Designed specifically for makers with nomadic lifestyles, the backpack is an add-on for the printer's pre-existing case, and is comprised of an expanded foam box and straps that screw into the box using a metal frame. This allows the user to transport the printer anywhere, safely and effortlessly.

Ultimaker aims to offer flexible 3D printing to the consumer-maker by freeing them from the constraints of location. This is a timely development, as we see 3D printing hitting the mainstream with a breadth of rapid prototyping capabilities and growth in mass customisation – read CES 2016: Colour, Material & Finish for more.

While perhaps not a revolutionary product in itself – there are a growing number of compact and portable 3D printers, such as smartphone 3D printer Olo – these devices are opening up new revenues for the technology and further commercial opportunities.

The scope for the everyday use of 3D printing materials continues to grow – see Ultramodern Making: Latest Advances for 3D & 4D Printing for innovations in 3D printing systems and substrates that are leading the new wave of manufacturing techniques.

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