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Published: 17 Jul 2017

Moët Hennessy Becomes Tequila Producer


French luxury alcohol giant Moët Hennessy has developed its first premium tequila in collaboration with Mexico's tequila-producing Gallardo family, produced below the Tequila Volcano in Mexico.

The LVMH Group-owned giant, which has historically acquired established spirits brands instead of developing its own from scratch, has created its new Volcan De Mi Tierra tequila in two expressions: a creamy Cristalino (an aged tequila whose colour is removed through filtration) and a zesty, lively Blanco, a blend of both highland and lowland blue agave.

Volcan De Mi Tierra CEO Trent Fraser told upscale US publication Forbes: "We never looked at a crazy acquisition. But we looked at medium ones. Then I moved away from this because you inherit a lot of amazing things but you also get the pre-existing brand identity. It was more that we wanted to own our place – our everything."

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