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Published: 8 Nov 2017

Humanising the Hospital: IV-Walk Wearable

I-V Walk Wearable

Tapping into the clothing industry’s ongoing push for functional and thoughtful design, Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Alissa Rees has developed a wearable intravenous system – created to give hospital patients the freedom to move around.

The IV-Walk system, made from soft malleable fabric, is designed to be worn over the shoulders of the patient – replacing the metal pole and pouch combination traditionally used in hospitals. Accessible compartments allow the patient to change any necessary fluids themselves, while a connected system allows nurses to track the drip.

“Mobility is really important in bringing people back to full health,” said Rees in an interview with Dezeen. “When I came to Design Academy, I realised my combination of being a former leukaemia patient and a designer, and what I could do with it.”

The wearable, part of Rees’ broader mission to humanise the hospital, marks the growing pragmatism of the industry – with emerging designers increasingly valuing functional, sensitive and inclusive designs.

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