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Consumer Lifestyle
Published: 28 Nov 2016

UK Gen Xers: Confident & Aspirational

Gen X are increasingly becoming the ‘go to’ beacon in their family

In the UK, Gen X (35- to 54-year-olds) are rapidly evolving, according to Bauer Media research released last week. Members of this vibrant and active demographic – branded Luminaries – are tech-savvy, open to new experiences and seek to engage with bold and positive brand messages.

  • Head of the Family: Gen X are increasingly becoming the 'go to' beacon in their family. "As my parents age, I am taking the driving seat in the family," a 44-year-old male from the study commented.
  • Micropreneurs: This demographic takes an entrepreneurial attitude to work and strives for a better work/life balance. Some 11% supplement their income by regularly selling items on eBay. "I spent my 30s on the hamster wheel," said one 46-year-old male. "I want to spend my 40s doing a job I genuinely love."
  • Daily Tech: Technology has altered Gen X's daily schedules. Over a third (36%) are in bed by 10pm on a weekday, thanks to their desire to engage with technology – whether that's streaming entertainment content, online shopping or social media.
  • Seeking Experiences: Luminaries are also subject to the trickle-down trend of experiences over objects, and still look to take part in music festivals and cultural experiences. Four-fifths see themselves as passionate about music and 72% listen to the radio whenever possible. Brands must be positive and energetic to gain their attention and voice.

For more on this confident, entrepreneurial consumer group, see Gen X: Midults Move Up.

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