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Consumer Lifestyle
Published: 10 Apr 2015

Millennial Travel Habits

75% of millennials see their travel style as "urban"

Millennial travellers are super-social, budget-conscious and love sharing resources, according to a new survey on their travel habits from US-based online travel agent Hipmunk.

The company surveyed more than 1,400 millennials (aged 18-34, according to Hipmunk) and Gen X-ers (aged 35-54) about their lifestyles, personal preferences and travel habits. Hipmunk then compared their responses, revealing key insights into the millennial mindset:

  • Driven by Discounts: Cash-strapped millennials are willing to sacrifice personal comfort for cheaper travel. More than half would accept less legroom in return for a discount, while 66% would be happy to sit next to the toilets if it meant money off.

  • Super-Social: Millennials are keen to stay connected – half said they would like to connect with their fellow passengers while on board a flight, compared to 37% of Gen X-ers. In fact, 18% of millennials said they would like to use an in-flight dating app to meet other singles.

  • Sharing is Caring: Millennial enthusiasm for the sharing economy shows no sign of waning, with more than 60% of those questioned describing themselves as either "likely" or "very likely" to engage in peer-to-peer activities while travelling, compared to 42% of Gen X.

The full results of Hipmunk's survey can be found on the company's website. For more insight into the mindset of millennial travellers, read Hotels & Millennials and New Travel Tribes, part of our Macro Trend Modern Family.

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