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Consumer Lifestyle
Published: 6 Sep 2017

ShredMate: Mountain-Biking Jump Tracker


UK-based start-up ShredMate has designed a cycle computer for mountain bikes that measures jumps and maps out rough trails.

The ShredMate device clips onto a bicycle and connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone for easy ride-tracking. A small spoke-mounted magnet detects wheel revolutions to determine speed and distance, and another device embedded with sensors calculates key jump statistics.

An accompanying app shows riders a map of the route they've travelled and highlights the jumps taken, along with data for each on air time and landing g-force. With this function, cyclists can train themselves to reduce their landing g-force, making for a far smoother ride.

It is also able to detect when a rider is travelling along a particularly rough trail, and can detail this information along the mapped route.

The combined weight of the sensor device and magnet is just 25g, and they're powered by a battery that lasts for six months at a time. The device will cost around £60 ($78) and delivery is scheduled for March 2018.

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