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Product Design
Published: 17 Aug 2012

Little Printer by Berg London


Little Printer by British design consultancy Berg London is a cloud-connected wireless printer that compiles and prints publication subscriptions from the user’s iPhone. It is designed as a calmer way of doing social networking, allowing the consumer to experience it on a slower, more edited scale.

Small and unobtrusive, the Little Printer uses normal till receipt paper and a thermal printing technique, meaning no messy and expensive ink cartridges are required. Subscription feeds to apps such as news publication The Guardian, Twitter, Google Calendar and Nike+ can be managed through an iPhone app. They can then be printed either at the user’s request or at a preset time, referencing the delivery of a morning newspaper.

Little Printer also aims to make the user’s life a little easier, by allowing maps or phone numbers to be printed quickly and wirelessly from your phone rather than having to be connected to a regular printer.

Announced last year, Little Printer became available for pre-order earlier this week for $259, and is expected to be ready for delivery by mid-October. 

Berg London

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