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Published: 22 Nov 2016

Women at Work: UK Women & Employment

More than two million women in the UK have more than one job, and 420,000 have three or more

London-based on-demand staffing platform Coople has released data from a recent study on working women in the UK. The information was published just after Equal Pay Day, on November 10 – the day from which women are, in effect, working for free for the rest of the year, reflecting the current gender pay gap. Highlights include:

  • Job Jugglers: More than two million (or one in six) working women in the UK have more than one job. Three per cent of working women have three or more jobs.
  • Supplementing Income & Skills: The primary purpose for an additional job or jobs is to earn more money (64%). However, nearly a third (29%) say their main reason for an additional job is to learn new skills. Almost a quarter (23%) of women state they have another role 'for variety and to experience new environments', 15% do so 'as a hobby', 8% because they are looking to move into another industry and 2% say they work for two or more companies to meet new people.
  • Seeking Flexibility: Nearly three quarters (72%) of working women surveyed state that flexible working has affected, or would affect, their lives for the better. Almost half (48%) feel it has impacted or would impact their personal life positively, while 26% say it has reduced or would reduce their stress levels and 15% feel flexible working has increased or would increase their productivity.

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