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Published: 2 May 2017

Tinder’s Modern Dating Myths Survey

Some 93% of US-based Tinder users say fidelity is important in a relationship

US-based dating app Tinder has released the results of its Modern Dating Myths survey, debunking stereotypes of online daters. Produced in conjunction with London-based brand consultancy Morar, the study is based on feedback from 7,072 app users (aged 18 and over) across the US. Highlights include:

  • Seeking Commitment: Millennial online daters are not only likely to stay committed, but are also more likely to seek exclusivity in a relationship. Fidelity was rated as highly significant for Tinder users, with 93% saying that it was important in a relationship. Regardless of whether relationships are established on- or offline, modern daters take an average of three months to commit to an exclusive relationship. However, 15% of singles on Tinder report committing to someone in less than a month.
  • The Long Term: Once matched with a partner, 44% of those who met on the app report staying in a committed relationship, compared to 42% of those who have never dated online. The study also found that just 9% of Tinder users say it is difficult to commit to a relationship because of how many options there are, versus 42% of offline daters.
  • Political Deal Breakers: Conflicting political views were cited as the most common “deal breaker” in a relationship. The majority of users (71%) said that differing political views impacted their relationships, with nearly a quarter (23%) saying that they would refuse a potential match due to opposing political ideologies.

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