Weekly Thought-Starter #012: 2019’s Emerging Consumers

Date:Monday, February 11, 2019
Author:Charlie Gilbert

How much do you really know about the consumers you’re targeting in 2019? What’s driving their behaviours, their needs, and, ultimately, their purchases?

We wanted to get under the skin of the groups already shaping this year’s commercial landscape. So last week we published our 2019 Consumer Zodiac infographic.

Who, exactly, does it profile? The Post-Urbanites, for one. This millennial cohort has had enough of the city, so its members are escaping to rural areas to explore their creativity.

Should your business, then, invest in opportunities beyond urban centres, and explore the potential of forging links between post-urban consumers?

Then there’s Gen Xcel. Remember Gen X? They’re the ones bookended by millennials and boomers (which is part of the reason they’ve been overlooked; ludicrous considering Gen Xers account for 25% of consumption in the US).

Perhaps it’s time to see what happens when you not only empower them, but tap into their solid – and potentially lucrative – connections with seniors and Gen Z.

It’s also worth us highlighting The Experimentals – the cross-generational demographic smashing long-held taboos and taking ownership of their myriad pleasures.

In 2019 – with experimental being the new normal – your business should look to the mainstream to communicate previously taboo topics (if you haven’t done so already, watch Sex Education on Netflix).

That’s three groups to ponder for now. Fancy exploring the other seven? Well, you can – just head here to download the Zodiac in its entirety. No strings attached.

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