Weekly Thought-Starter #023: Maximise Your Vegan Credentials

Date:Monday, May 6, 2019
Author:Charlie Gilbert

With a quarter of millennials identifying as vegan or vegetarian, it’s no wonder The Economist has declared 2019 The Year of the Vegan. Now, mass-market beauty brands are capitalising on the vegan movement in ever-more inventive – and lucrative – ways.

How? Well, says Lisa Payne, our Beauty senior editor, by maximising their vegan credentials, reformulating their products and launching vegan sub-brands.

“Veganism cannot be ignored by the beauty industry, especially in the mass sector. The next few years will be poignant for brands in learning how best to introduce vegan values into their offering. One thing is certain: product efficacy and user experience should not be compromised.”

We explore this burgeoning trend further in our latest Beauty report, The Vegan Beauty Boom, which dives into everything from semantics – does ‘vegan’ always mean ‘natural’ – to the role of social media, which has played a huge role in vegan beauty’s growth.

There are, for example, more than one million posts tagged with #veganbeauty on Instagram, Pinterest saw a 50% increase in ‘vegan makeup’ pins in 2018, and the Vegan Beauty Reddit forum has 11,800 subscribers.

“Social media has catalysed vegan ideals and allowed consumers to share products and tips on how to veganise their beauty routines,” Lisa adds. “Indie brands are winning in this space, with a start-up agility that allows them to formulate more intuitively without animal-derived ingredients, and share a strong ‘vethical’ message.”

Lisa will be presenting Five Beauty Tribes at Decoded Future on June 6, as well as moderating the Rise of the Niche Brand panel discussion. Haven’t got your ticket yet? What are you waiting for?

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