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Our experts are never far away from uncovering the next big business opportunity. These are some of the cross-industry trend reports they’re currently working on.


The New Consumer Zodiac

In a volatile world, insight is your secret weapon. The New Stylus Consumer Zodiac will offer consumer intelligence on speed dial, enabling you to fast-track your understanding of how people are changing. Our latest infographic will reveal the insights that matter in 2019, filtered by age, values and lifestyle.


Design Directions A/W 20/21

The Design Directions A/W 20/21 are a must-have inspirational tool for initial product development and concept creation. Firmly rooted in consumer sentiment, the three distinct concept packs decode which aesthetics and products will resonate with different cohorts in the winter of 20/21.


The Future of Money

This Spotlight Trend will equip you with the latest insights on the state of financial services. From ultra-personalised banking systems to alternative exchange formats and the relevance of CryptoKitties, Stylus experts from across three directories will update you on the future of transactions and the evolution of consumer values.


Look Ahead: Key Trends for 2019

Our Look Ahead 2019 reports – which uncover the 30 trends set to shape next year’s commercial landscape – will empower you to seize the forthcoming year’s opportunities. With reports spread across our eight directories, the Look Ahead contains all the insights and ideas you need to make 2019 a landmark year.


Commerce for the Silver Economy

The numbers of older people – the consumers that make up the Silver Economy – are soaring across the developed world. These older consumers don’t want to be made to feel older. Retailers and brands need to evolve new strategies to tap the Silver Economy that are inclusive and realistic.


Colour & Materials Directions A/W 20/21

Our Colour and Material Directions for A/W 20/21 collate the latest progressive projects from across the creative industries, art, technology and science. Research from the Stylus team and contributions from our global specialists is compiled and distilled into three key themes.


The Kinship Economy

The traditional family unit is changing as economic, demographic and cultural shifts drive the creation of new households – from chosen families of queer kinship, to elective co-parenting. Our latest Macro trend explores the valuable role brands have in supporting and connecting these networks.


The Sensory Opportunity

Consumers are craving heightened sensory stimulation. This three-part Spotlight Trend reveals how, by exploring the lucrative sensory opportunities that will increasingly impact industries as varied as beauty, automotive and entertainment, your brand can engage with them on this deeper level.


Design Directions S/S 20

Dissecting developing innovations and breakthrough ideas across furniture, packaging, transport, home accessories and spatial design, our Product Design team reveals three distinct creative directions that can be used to inform commercial product development in Spring/Summer 2020.

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