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Published: 21 Sep 2017

Trending Opportunity: Time-Focused Beauty Bundles

Trending Opportunity: Time-Focused Beauty Bundles

Lifestyle marketing and time-tailored solutions are key drivers for a new wave of beauty products, touting month-long skincare programmes and special-occasion regimes that cater to consumers looking for guaranteed results. 

“There is mass appeal and a lot of promise in the merging of needs-based solutions and lifestyle marketing. This idea will grow,” Deanna Utroske, senior correspondent at industry news source, told Stylus. Two new launches are capitalising on the concept of time-dedicated beauty regimes:

  • Australian skincare brand Jurlique has announced the release of its Radiance and Renewal 28 Day Programme, a two-step treatment that renews and rejuvenates dull and tired skin. The two products, used in turn for 14 days each, work alongside the skin’s natural renewal cycle. Step one is a lightweight lotion that exfoliates the skin, while step two is a cream that smooths and replenishes. The programme will be available to purchase online from October 2.
  • Body on Demand, a new brand from British beauty company Be for Beauty, offers a product regime designed to tighten and sculpt the body through the reduction of water retention.

    The three-product programme includes the 20 Mins Body Boost Bath Prep, bath salts that drive out sweat and toxins; the Everyday Body Boost Sorbet, a hydrating lotion that sculpts excess skin; and the Body Boosting Supplements that improve gut health and support natural weight loss. The products are offered in occasion-specific beauty bundles: 1 Month Holiday Prep, 2 Month Wedding Prep and Weekly Night Out.

For more on time-based beauty solutions, see Future Beauty: Perfecting Bespoke.

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