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Consumer Lifestyle
Published: 10 May 2013

Enhancing the Senses: Eidos Masks


A group of students at the Royal College of Art in London has designed two experimental masks that allow wearers to selectively enhance their hearing and vision.

The Eidos masks are designed to enhance sensory perception by tuning in to selective sights and sounds around the wearer, applying effects to amplify certain information streams.

“We are used to controlling the world around us to find the settings that suit us best,” say the students. “But while technology advances to aid this, our physical bodies remain the same. What if we had the same control over our senses?”

The Eidos Vision mask lets wearers control the way they see motion, using a head-mounted camera to transmit imagery to a computer to apply effects before sending it back to the headset for the viewer to watch in real time.

Eidos Audio allows wearers to hear sounds more selectively, using a directional microphone and audio processors to neutralise background noise. The sound is transmitted straight to the inner ear via bone vibrations.

The experimental equipment could be used to augment live performances, creating fresh, customisable experiences across the dance, fashion and music industries.

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