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Colour & Materials
Published: 16 Jan 2014

Glasser: Shape

American singer Cameron Mesirow, aka Glasser, is immersed in a fantastical computer-generated universe in the official music video for her forthcoming single, Shape.

In the video, directed by New York-based artist Jonathan Turner and produced by global technology and digital arts platform Creator’s Project, Mesirow is placed in a transformative fantasy world of a house set in the middle of an ocean. As she begins to explore, interior surfaces shift and metamorphose from shapes such as water droplets into glassy metallic forms. The all-encompassing liquid floors and walls quiver and expand throughout the futuristic environment, until Mesirow is completely submerged.

A cool, atmospheric palette enhances the dreamlike quality of this video and resonates with Glasser’s placid electronic sound. Look to our Dimensions Colour Spectrum concept and Ultra-Surreal Worlds report for more projects exploring strange and imaginative worlds.

This is the second video produced for Shape – the first features in our Digital Chromatics report.

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