5 Trends Your Brand Must Act on in 2019

Date:Wednesday, November 14, 2018
Author:Charlie Gilbert

It will be a year defined by empowered humans, mainstream sustainability, and a desire to explore realms far beyond our own. How will your business capitalise on the opportunities it presents?

A new year is on the horizon, and it will look very different to 2018. These are the five trends your business needs to know about going in to 2019.

5. Humans taking back control

In 2019, humans will take back control. Fears over automation, fake news bots and tech overload have got too much. Now, consumers are desperate for a dose of reality – and they’ll look to brands to help them embrace the physical, the emotional, and the personal.

From the rise of emotionally engaging electronics to print’s unlikely comeback, we’ve revealed the key trends that will kick-start this process – and the incredible commercial opportunities they present.

4. Colour as therapy

New multisensory experiences are uncovering colour’s profound effect on human emotion. Can colour really improve our health and enhance our wellbeing? Chromotherapists believe so, which is why, next year, the most forward-thinking brands will start exploiting colour’s potential as an alternative therapy.

Stylus members can now discover how to use therapeutic colours within their services, spaces and products to engage consumers with needs increasingly shaped by balance and restoration.

3. Brands as buddies

In 2019, your business needs to consider not just what it looks like, but what it sounds and feels like. Thanks to the rising popularity of voice assistants, wearables and frictionless mobile tech, brand interactions are becoming ever-more invisible.

To win in this environment, your brand must adopt a human personality that speaks the consumer’s language – in other words, to become their buddy. We can show you which brands are already leading the way, and how you can replicate their success.

2. Mainstream sustainability

Sustainability isn’t a new concept, but in 2019 it will go mainstream. Product designers are considering product lifespans, the sharing and resale economy is booming, and consumers are rejecting in-built obsolescence in the tech they use.

This is giving rise to a new world of product creation and manufacture – one that recognises climate chaos, not just climate change. Can your business become part of this world at a time when climate-conscious consumers are looking to brands for real leadership?

1. The new space race

Expect to see a growing fascination with space futurism as commercial space travel becomes an increasingly real prospect. Next year, this fascination will start influencing a range of industries – from fashion and interiors, to materials and product design.

We’ve revealed how this renewed interest in boundary-pushing science will affect consumers’ imaginations, and in particular, the directions of the entertainment and design industries.

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