Beyond beer

Discovering how, where, when & why tomorrow’s consumers want to drink

Company: A major global drinks brand
Industry: Food & Beverage


“Help us create a new product development strategy by giving us an in-depth understanding of the most influential shifts in consumer lifestyle trends around drink purchase and consumption globally, and in our key markets in South America.”


Drawing on our tracking of global consumer trends and products and services, we delivered a data-rich Keynote presentation deck to:

  • Examine both the dominant and emerging drink cultures by taking a deep dive into the new lifestyle behaviours of our client’s target audience
  • Define new challenger and disruptor brands in beverages and beer, and how their product & service responses are addressing shifting consumer needs
  • Pinpoint white-space opportunities through a deeper understanding of consumer needs around flavour, fragrance, liquid, substrates and branding design and narratives


By dissecting the key emerging lifestyle behaviours of three target consumer groups – young, female and high-income – our project provided our client with an inspiring template for New Product Development.

We identified the most powerful macro-trend drivers for the drinks category and explored how these trends are manifesting as new products and services across multiple categories.

Directional language and powerful imagery brought the trends to life, while an exploration of influential flavours, tastes, and design and packaging strategies offered tangible inspiration.

Our project played a central role in enabling our client to envision and create a product development ecosystem for 2020/21 that aligned with the most important consumer trends in food & beverage.