Future of the in-store experience

Revolutionising how stores work for tomorrow’s consumer

Company: A global coffee chain
Industry: Retail


“Show us how consumer expectations around the in-store experience are shifting to help us develop a new blueprint for the way that our next generation of retail cafes should work, look and feel.”


Drawing on Stylus’ expertise in lifestyle trend tracking and understanding emerging consumer behaviours, we explored the future expectations of consumers for the in-store retail space by:

  • Exploring key drivers in consumer experience through the lens of our client’s eight focus areas – from sustainability to wellness
  • Pinpointing the implications for service, staff and physical space based on these future trend insights
  • Investigating new service models, innovations in last-mile delivery formats and global examples of responsive spaces
  • Analysing how store operations will be impacted by technology and automation in the next five years
  • Highlighting innovations in tools and technology within the food, beverage and hospitality space, and showing cross-industry examples of radical new approaches
  • Unpacking the trend implications for our clients through key takeaways, thought-starters, and actionable directions


Our findings were delivered as a compelling live presentation of an information-rich deck by one of our strategists – as part of a day of trend exploration for our client’s insights and operations teams.

Both teams took our research out to the wider business, where it is being used to power a rethink of future store spaces, and the development of a new blueprint for future store operations.