Weekly Thought-Starter #001: The Rise of Analogue

Date:Monday, November 5, 2018
Author:Charlie Gilbert

Every Monday, we’ll share with you a unique observation – one based on our reporting from the previous seven days – that we think you should reflect on. This week: the rise of analogue.

Last Thursday, we published our Look Ahead series of reports, which contain the 30 most important trends for 2019. Some, like the rise of analogue attractions, are so far-reaching that they cannot be ignored.

Your consumers are suffering from tech overload, with issues like screen addiction, fake news and privacy breaches now affecting their wellbeing. Your brand can help them – and its bottom line – by embracing analogue solutions.

Print, for example, is making a comeback – especially among Gen Z. Brand experiences are proving to be hugely successful engagement tools. And subscription-based, direct-to-consumer brands are thriving. The reason is simple: younger consumers love it when real, tangible things arrive in the post.

Multisensory experiences, where brands engage senses beyond sight and sound, are also very much on the rise. We explored this further last week in our trend report from Dutch Design Week, which revealed how new products are fostering something truly groundbreaking: whole-body appreciation.

The report also challenges brands to connect consumers to their surroundings. Can the awe-inspiring visuals they’re used to seeing on screens be recreated in the physical world using low-fi, light-manipulating materials and highly textured surfaces?

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