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Brief Published: 2 Jan 2020

Deliveroo: Top Take-Out Trends For 2020


UK restaurant delivery service Deliveroo released a report forecasting its top take-out trends for 2020, ranging from flavour and dish preferences to evolving lifestyle choices. Stylus summaries its most interesting predictions.

  1. Flaming Flavours: A trending search term for the delivery brand over the past three months has been ‘char’, indicating a surge in interest for smoky, woody, flame-grilled flavours. This is in line with our reporting from Flavorcon 2019, where barbeque flavour notes were highlighted as a key consumer trend. 

    See Transformation Cooking and Food Influencer Round-Up: South America for more on the primitive appeal of cooking over flames.

  2. Sober All Year: Deliveroo reports a 240% increase in orders of alcohol-free beers over the past year, and predicts this shift to sober choices will continue into 2019. Read Selling to Sober-Curious Consumers and Alcohol Trends 2019: Imbibe Live for our take on the low- and no-alcohol movement.

  3. Theatrical Delivery: Eighty-eight per cent of UK Deliveroo customers find elements such as ambience and service just as important as the food when it comes to having a good experience in a restaurant. Additionally, 71% said they would only share their restaurant experience on social media if they liked the surroundings.

    With this in mind, Deliveroo predicts that this will translate to takeaway offerings, with restaurants adding digital elements and theatrical packaging to their delivery presentation. See Game-Changing Fast Food Concepts for our thoughts here.

  4. Vegan-ish: Vegan orders increased by 168% in 2019, with many ordering half plant-based and half non-vegan, indicating the rise of vegan-ish (or flexitarian) diets translating into the food-delivery space.

    Read The Post-Vegan Opportunity to learn how consumers are choosing to partake in planet-friendly diets.