Date:Wednesday, February 16, 2022
Author:Christian Ward

Bruce Daisley, ex-VP EMEA at Twitter – now host of the business podcast Eat Sleep Work Repeat and author of The Joy of Work – joins us to discuss the future of the workplace post-pandemic. We also explore the Innovation of the Week and The Next Big Opportunity with Stylus experts.

Guests on this Episode

Bruce Daisley is host of the business podcast Eat Sleep Work Repeat, and author of The Joy of Work, which explores how people can make their work lives more productive and rewarding. Previously, he was vice-president of EMEA at Twitter.

Contributing from Stylus:

  • Estella Shardlow, Senior Editor, Consumer Lifestyle & Technology
  • Eoghan Flynn, Researcher, Consumer Lifestyle
  • Hosted by Christian Ward, Head of Multimedia

Episode Features

[0:47] Innovation of the Week
[4:51] Interview with Bruce Daisley
[16:36] The Next Big Opportunity

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