Date:Tuesday, March 22, 2022
Author:Christian Ward

Future Thinking was in Austin, Texas last week for the annual SXSW festival, where we spoke with brands including extended reality (XR) specialists Spatial, wireless tech giant Qualcomm, the Human Rights Foundation, and a host of start-ups showcasing their innovations at the SXSW Creative Expo. The episode also features insights on key SXSW trends from Stylus experts.

Guests on This Episode

Raja Haddad, VP product marketing, Spatial: Spatial is an XR software and hardware firm specialising in immersive audio.

Fred Kim, product development, Qualcomm: Qualcomm is a US tech multinational specialising in wireless tech solutions.

Jenny Wang, strategic adviser, Human Rights Foundation: The Human Rights Foundation is a non-profit that focuses on promoting and protecting human rights globally, with an emphasis on closed societies.

Dale Hipsh, president, tourism and exploration, World View Enterprises: World View Enterprises is an American near space exploration and technology company.

Noah Rothstein, head of operations, Proto: Proto is a two-way, interactive holographic communications platform.

Mariko Fujimoto, project manager, Jolly Good: Jolly Good is a Japanese medical technology company that develops high-precision virtual reality solutions and artificial-intelligence-based medical and welfare services.

Contributing from Stylus:

  • Julia Errens, editor, Pop Culture & Media
  • Hosted by Christian Ward, head of Multimedia

Episode Features

[0:48] Interview with Raja Haddad
[7:09] SXSW Trends with Julia Errens, part one
[8:08] Interview with Fred Kim
[10:16] Interview with Noah Rothstein
[11:52] SXSW Trends with Julia Errens, part two
[12:53] SXSW Creative Expo interviews: Human Rights Foundation, World View Enterprises, Jolly Good
[18:21] SXSW Trends with Julia Errens, part three

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