Date:Tuesday, April 26, 2022
Author:Christian Ward

Molly Baker, founder and chief executive of US marketing agency Indie Consulting, discusses key marketing necessities every brand needs to understand to drive growth in a post-Covid world. We also explore the Innovation of the Week and The Next Big Opportunity with Stylus experts.

Guests on This Episode

Molly Baker is the founder and CEO of Indie Consulting, a boutique US marketing agency focused on digital transformation. Indie Consulting works with brands from large conglomerates such as Unilever (including Dove, Hellman's and Seventh Generation), to independent businesses such as GoodPop and the King Arthur Baking Company.

Contributing from Stylus:

  • Ella McDougall, Product Design Assistant Editor
  • Marta Indeka, Consumer Attitudes & Technology researcher
  • Hosted by Christian Ward, Head of Multimedia

Episode Features

[0:40] Innovation of the Week
[2:12] Interview with Molly Baker
[13:30] The Next Big Opportunity

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