Date:Friday, October 22, 2021
Author:Christian Ward

A special edition of Future Thinking, exploring key trends that will impact brands and consumers in 2022. Amanda Ho, CEO of conscious travel platform Regenerative Travel, and Sam Field, director of creative technology at Yahoo Creative Studios, offer insight and inspiration for the year ahead, while our own experts discuss Stylus's Look Ahead 2022 series of reports.

Guests on This Episode

Amanda Ho is co-founder and chief executive of conscious travel platform Regenerative Travel. Previously the founder of a multimedia lifestyle publication, she honed her craft as a storyteller, producer and creative strategist for luxury hospitality and real estate companies and lifestyle brands with a passion for sustainability.

Sam Field is director of creative technology at Yahoo Creative Studios (formerly Ryot) – the branded content studio at Verizon Media where a multidisciplinary team of filmmakers, editors, designers, photographers, strategists and technologists create innovative and immersive content experiences for brands.

Contributing from Stylus:

  • Katie Baron, director of Brand Engagement
  • Estella Shardlow, senior editor, Consumer Attitudes & Technology
  • Dewi Pinatih, senior editor, Product Design
  • Rebecca Hobbs, editor, Retail & Brand Comms
  • Hosted by Christian Ward, head of Multimedia, Stylus

Episode Features

[1:10] Innovation of the week
[2:52] Retail trends for 2022 with Katie Baron
[5:11] Interview with Amanda Ho
[10:20] Product design trends for 2022 with Dewi Pinatih
[11:55] Interview with Sam Field
[18:37] Consumer attitudes trends for 2022 with Estella Shardlow

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