Date:Wednesday, March 17, 2021
Author:Christian Ward

In this episode, Stylus US editor Emilia Morano-Williams discusses how the pandemic has affected consumers' sex lives, with Liz Klinger – co-founder & CEO of sex tech company Lioness, and Elspeth Taylor – Consumer Attitudes & Technology assistant editor at Stylus.

Guests on this Episode

Liz Klinger is co-founder and CEO of Lioness, a sex tech company that helps people gain a better understanding of their pleasure.

Elspeth Taylor is Consumer Attitudes & Technology assistant editor at Stylus.

Episode Discussion Points

  • An overview of what Lioness does and what its mission is [1:25]
  • How sex tech is evolving to meet consumer needs [5:35]
  • The results of Lioness's recent consumer sex survey [8:34]
  • The importance of the link between sexual pleasure and mental health [13:57]
  • Will the shift in sexual behaviours be permanent post-pandemic? [17:28]
  • What needs to change with regards to sex, wellness and health in the next five years? [21:30]

Key Quotes

"About 80% [of consumers] found that both their masturbation and sex habits changed between 2019 and 2020. A lot of it was less from the actual virus itself, but more from the different life changes that people were experiencing because of the pandemic." [11:24]
Liz Klinger

"[Not engaging in the sexual health conversation] is a real missed opportunity because hormone changes, periods, sex drive, sexual dysfunction – all of those things play a role in our lives, our health, and our mental health, just as [much] as exercise and sleep." [16:27]
Liz Klinger

"An area that I'd really like to see more representation for is: what does it mean to start exploring your desires and your sexuality as an older consumer, and what does that mean if you go through divorce and you're starting your romantic life anew? And what it means in the context of menopause as well. That's something that has been left out of the conversation." [23:46]
Elspeth Taylor

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