Date:Wednesday, March 31, 2021
Author:Christian Ward

In this episode, Stylus' US editor Emilia Morano-Williams discusses how sexual wellness is becoming a booming industry, and the opportunities it offers for beauty brands in particular. With Sam Freedman – co-founder and CEO of Curate Beauty, and Lisa Payne – senior editor of Beauty at Stylus.

Guests on this Episode

Sam Freedman is co-founder and chief executive of Curate Beauty, a UK-based wholesale marketplace platform specialising in indie beauty, wellbeing and lifestyle brands.

Lisa Payne is senior editor of Beauty at Stylus.

Episode Discussion Points

  • Curate Beauty's mission [1:13]
  • How sex is becoming a potent topic for brands to engage with [4:01]
  • How have consumer attitudes to sex changed in the past 12 months? [5:28]
  • Why are smaller, independent brands dominating this space? [7:07]
  • What trends are on the rise in sexual wellness? [8:29]
  • What advice would you give brands entering this market? [14:23]

Key Quotes

"There's a lot of really lovely experimentation in tincture, balms and salves and personal bodycare products that are looking at amazing ingredients – adaptogens, CBD, lovely organic natural ingredients – that can help with stimulation, arousal and connectivity." [8:40]
Lisa Payne

"As the next generation [of consumers] come in, I think that it's so important that sustainability, a great looking brand, a great story, the ingredients – the whole thing comes together to make something more appealing than generations before." [13:26]
Sam Freedman

"[Established brands should] utilise their audience. If they've got an incredible customer base, tap into that and ask them what they want and what they expect to see – really utilise that." [14:40]
Sam Freedman

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