Date:Wednesday, April 7, 2021
Author:Christian Ward

In this episode, Stylus' US editor Emilia Morano-Williams discusses the state of post-Covid travel. What kinds of experiences will consumers want as vacationing returns to the agenda? With Jimmy Carroll – co-founder of Pelorus – and Mandy Saven – director of Consumer Lifestyle at Stylus.

Guests on this Episode

Jimmy Carroll is co-founder of Pelorus, a British adventure travel group that specialises in bespoke travel experiences with a luxurious edge.

Mandy Saven is the director of Consumer Lifestyle at Stylus.

Episode Discussion Points

  • What experiences does Pelorus offer? [0:52]
  • How easy will it be to travel in the coming months? [3:55]
  • Are consumers ready to travel again? [6:17]
  • Are new safety restrictions effective? [7:43]
  • Are consumers seeking new and different experiences now? [10:22]
  • Who is the future adventure traveller? [15:44]
  • What does luxury travel look like post-pandemic? [20:56]
  • The evolution of purpose-driven and sustainable travel [23:29]

Key Quotes

"Destinations are really starting to accommodate travellers more when it comes to future-proofing their trip and making sure that all of their insurance, health care policies and programming are firmly in place. What we found is that is absolutely number one in the mind of travellers now, and if they don't feel safe and secure travelling, they're not even going to consider it." [5:26]
Mandy Saven

"A few travel companies have come forward and said that boomers have been the ones who've been snapping up their travel packages really quickly. Maybe not for this year –maybe it's more for 2022 – but there's definitely a sentiment that they are particularly keen to travel: 83% of seniors in the US say they are more prepared to travel now than last year." [9:26]
Mandy Saven

"What we're seeing is more of an uptick in lodges, more private set-ups, mobile camps – where they can bring their family and friends together and really reconnect, especially after a year where they just hadn't been able to see a lot of their loved ones and their friends." [11:58]
Jimmy Carroll

"For the younger generation now, there's a desire to have experiences over assets. That was something that was coming through before the pandemic and it is only going to increase now. They are up for quite hard and fast travel." [18:12]
Jimmy Carroll

"We are only custodians of this world, and we need to act now more than ever before in order to facilitate protecting the ecosystem that we live in for future generations – because if we don't do that, our children and their children will not have the beauties and the delights of the world to travel to that we do now. It really needs to be at the core of what everyone's doing, certainly within the travel industry." [22:56]
Jimmy Carroll

"All of our health and wellness concerns that have accelerated during the pandemic are also going to transition across with us to our hospitality and travel experiences. People are looking for very benefits-focused, specific forms of wellness now. For example, we know that achieving good quality sleep is a global problem [and] we've seen a lot of hotels starting to position themselves as sleep experts – promising you that [if] you come to them, you'll be so much more rested, and you'll have all the tools with you when you leave to have better sleep hygiene." [26:12]
Mandy Saven

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