Date:Tuesday, May 4, 2021
Author:Christian Ward

This episode features five brilliant thought-leaders – Michael Miraflor, Josh Constine, Jarrod Dicker, Cherie Hu, and Sam Freedman – answering the question: what's a consumer problem or challenge that you don't think has been solved yet? What their answers reveal are consumer pain points that need to be addressed – essentially, unlocking new markets and roadmaps for brand growth. With additional comment from Stylus analysts.

Guests on this Episode

Michael Miraflor (interviewed on Episode 65, What Happened to the Big Idea in Advertising?) is a marketing consultant whose previous roles include global head of futures and innovation at Publicis Media Group firm, Blue 449.

Josh Constine (interviewed on Episode 67, The Rise of the Creator Economy) is principal investor and head of content at early-stage venture capital firm SignalFire.

Jarrod Dicker (interviewed on Episode 73, What's Next for Media and Publishing?) is vice president of commercial technology and development at The Washington Post.

Cherie Hu (interviewed on episode 64, The Future of Music) is the founder of the music and technology analysis newsletter Water + Music.

Sam Freedman (interviewed on Episode 81, Why Sex is a Self-Care Essential) is co-founder and chief executive of Curate Beauty.

Episode Discussion Points

  • Michael Miraflor on food delivery packaging [1:24]
  • Dewi Pinatih, senior editor of Product Design at Stylus, responds [2:20]
  • Josh Constine on recruitment [3:32]
  • Elspeth Taylor, assistant editor of Consumer Attitudes & Technology at Stylus, responds [5:50]
  • Jarrod Dicker on the Creator Economy [6:40]
  • Christian Ward, head of Brand Engagement & multimedia strategy at Stylus, responds [7:36]
  • Cherie Hu on digital communication platforms [8:11]
  • Julia Errens, editor of Pop Culture & Media at Stylus, responds [9:51]
  • Sam Freedman on dental innovation [10:34]
  • Lisa Payne, Stylus' senior editor of Beauty, responds [11:09]

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