Date:Wednesday, June 2, 2021
Author:Christian Ward

In this episode, Stylus' US editor Emilia Morano-Williams discusses how marketers can evolve their engagement with Latinx communities, and what brands need to know about today's young Latinx consumers. With Ana Flores, founder of We All Grow Latina, a network of young Latina creators and entrepreneurs.

Guests on this Episode

Ana Flores is the founder of We All Grow Latina, a network of young Latina creators and entrepreneurs. Ana was born in Houston, raised in El Salvador, and is based in LA.

Episode Discussion Points

  • Who are the We All Grow Latina community? [1:27]
  • How does We All Grow Latina partner with brands? [2:03]
  • What kind of marketing approach works best to engage with Latinx consumers? [4:47]
  • How Latinxs today are embracing and claiming their heritage [8:57]
  • How will these attitudes evolve further as Gen Z become adults and US demographics change? [12:45]
  • On entrepreneurialism in the Latinx community, especially among younger women [15:23]
  • On Ana's favourite current Latinx start-ups [20:59]

Key Quotes

"Brands need to reach us in a very authentic way in the places that feel safe to us, and that matter to us." [4:24]

"We know we [Latinx consumers] are spending the money, we understand our power now and are ready to use it. And what we're seeing now is that: if you want to be part of this, then see us and hear us, and show up where we are at – and then we can play." [8:39]

"We're going to continue exploring identity and that's already happening within the Latinx community. With everything that unites us, there's so many other things that make us unique [and] that's where [Latinx mindsets are] going to continue to evolve: understanding that uniqueness, [the] intersectionalities that exist within the umbrella of being Latinx and how we self-identify. [It's] complicated for marketers, that segmentation, but it really is where we see that success is going to happen." [13:04]

"[The Latinx community is] still launching businesses at a much higher rate than any other cohort. And I know that these numbers are going to just increase." [16:17]

"The women that I am seeing around me and that I've seen in the community are thriving, because they've been able to understand how to pivot and how to use that resiliency muscle, and to continue carving your path. And we're creating things that are unique, we're creating things that have never been seen before, we're creating new flavours, new ways to live, new ways to move and to see the world, and that's very exciting." [17:15]

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