Date:Thursday, June 17, 2021
Author:Christian Ward

In this episode, Stylus speaks with Matt Muir, communications consultant and creator of Web Curios (a weekly newsletter that spotlights the most interesting stuff online), to discuss how brands and creatives can take inspiration from internet culture for their own work.

Guests on this Episode

Matt Muir is a communications consultant and creator of Web Curios.

Episode Discussion Points

  • The best stuff Matt's seen online in the past week [1:00]
  • On the mission behind Web Curios [4:26]
  • On new internet trends that brands could tap into in their own work [6:44]
  • How brands can keep up with internet culture [12:29]
  • Is internet culture and technology in general heading in the right direction? [15:47]
  • On the potential of the Creator Economy [17:29]

Key Quotes

"One of the bad things about the shift from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 has been the funnelling of our attention to approximately five or six websites every day, and that's it. Which means that the experience of the internet is sort of flattened and disintermediated, and what we get is a tiny fraction of the brilliant output that people make every day. Web Curios exists in some small way to bring some of the interesting stuff from all around the web [to a wider audience]." [5:03]

"We're starting to see more brands and individuals moving away from content made on social [media], which is fundamentally ephemeral and hard to track, towards stuff that is based on standalone websites – purely because it's ownable, it can exist longer, it can work harder for you." [7:33]

"So much of the web now is 'no code'. It's incredibly easy for so many people who are curious and a little bit technically savvy to build really quite interesting and fun and amazing things. All you need is the idea now, and I think that's something more people working within brands, marketing, advertising and the associated disciplines should remember: the scope to do interesting creative things with what feel like cutting-edge technologies has never been easier." [7:54]

[Brands need to understand] differences in the difference between ephemeral content trends and broader stylistic and narrative trends. I think it's an important distinction to make, and knowing the difference will define your ability to be able to react to these things." [14:28]

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