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Episode 77: The Psychology of Fun

In this episode, Emilia Morano-Williams, Stylus' US editor, explores the psychology of fun: how can brands help consumers seek happiness in these troubled times? Joining her to discuss this are Dr Travis Oh, assistant professor of Marketing at Yeshiva University, and Elspeth Taylor, Consumer Attitudes & Technology assistant editor at Stylus.

Episode 76: Nurturing New Talent for Fashion in Flux

With the fashion industry in disarray, fashion education is undergoing a radical makeover. In this episode, Christian Ward discusses this transformation with Shanu Walpita, lecturer in Fashion Communication & Innovation at the London College of Fashion, Keanan Duffty, associate professor of Fashion at The New School in New York, and Emily Gordon-Smith, director of Consumer Product at Stylus.

Episode 75: The Past, Present & Future of Super Bowl Ads

In this episode, Christian Ward discusses the Super Bowl and the past, present and future of Super Bowl advertising. Joining him to discuss this is Tim Nudd, editor in chief of Muse by Clio, which is part of the Clio Awards (the annual advertising awards programme), and Julia Errens, Stylus's editor of Pop Culture & Media.

Episode 74: Understanding Fundamental Consumer Needs

In this episode, Christian Ward is joined by Fiona Atzler, Senior Director at global strategy and innovation consultancy Egg Strategy, to discuss how brands and businesses can navigate complexity in the year ahead by understanding – and acting on – fundamental consumer needs. Also guesting is Emilia Morano-Williams, Stylus's US editor.

Episode 73: What's Next in Media & Publishing?

In this episode, Christian Ward is joined by Jarrod Dicker, VP of commercial technology and development at the Washington Post, to discuss the current and future state of media, journalism and publishing.

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