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Episode 85: Turning Passions into Businesses

In this episode, Christian Ward, head of multimedia strategy at Stylus, talks to Jaime Schmidt, founder of deodorant and personal care brand Schmidt's Naturals, about turning passions into businesses, and the skills and strategies that brand founders need to know.

Episode 84: Gaps in the Market – Five Consumer Challenges

This episode features five brilliant thought-leaders – Michael Miraflor, Josh Constine, Jarrod Dicker, Cherie Hu, and Sam Freedman – answering the question: what's a consumer problem or challenge that you don't think has been solved yet? What their answers reveal are consumer pain points that need to be addressed – essentially, unlocking new markets and roadmaps for brand growth. With additional comment from Stylus analysts.

Episode 83: The Business of Post-Pandemic Wellness

In this episode, Christian Ward, head of Brand Engagement & Multimedia Strategy at Stylus, explores the business of wellbeing. What new opportunities for consumers and brands are emerging in the post-pandemic fitness and wellness space? With Rick Stollmeyer, co-founder of Mindbody, and Estella Shardlow, senior editor of Consumer Lifestyle – Stylus.

Episode 82: Decoding the Post-Covid Traveller

In this episode, Stylus' US editor Emilia Morano-Williams discusses the state of post-Covid travel. What kinds of experiences will consumers want as vacationing returns to the agenda? With Jimmy Carroll – co-founder of Pelorus – and Mandy Saven – director of Consumer Lifestyle at Stylus.

Episode 81: Why Sex is a Self-Care Essential

In this episode, Stylus' US editor Emilia Morano-Williams discusses how sexual wellness is becoming a booming industry, and the opportunities it offers for beauty brands in particular. With Sam Freedman – co-founder and CEO of Curate Beauty, and Lisa Payne – senior editor of Beauty at Stylus.

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