The Gen Z opportunity

Harnessing the huge potential of the new kids on the block

Company: A global US banking and financial services brand
Industry: Finance


“Help us to identify and explore the most influential emerging Gen Z lifestyle, product and engagement trends to allow our teams to develop products and services that will capture the attention and loyalty of this challenging new generation of customers.”


Combining Stylus’ trend expertise, an in-depth tailored research programme and insights from leading category experts, we interrogated Gen Z’s mindsets, attitudes and consumer needs and desires by:

  • Examining how they differ from millennials to discover the brands, products and services that resonate most powerfully with them
  • Investigating how transformative tech such as AI, wearables and biometrics are reshaping their relationship with online and offline brands
  • Discovering how new products and services are emerging to address their demands for seamless service and ethics-based loyalty


Our project presented the brand’s marketing and product development teams with a rich and inspiring palette of new omnichannel, pop-up, mobile and event possibilities that our research indicated would speak powerfully to their future Gen Z customers.

The brand used our research to inform and shape their product and services development strategy for 2018/19, and to create marketing and communications approaches designed to reach out to the generation that will make up their fresh customer base in the mid-2020s.