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Brief Published: 27 Oct 2016

HiMirror: Intuitive Beauty Tech


Taiwanese tech corporation New Kinpo Group has this month launched a smart at-home beauty analytics mirror, shrewdly catering to the tech-savvy consumer hungry for more intuitive beauty solutions.

The HiMirror acts as a personal health and beauty consultant by analysing high-res images of the user’s face day-to-day, and recording subtle changes in the skin. These changes drive product recommendations based on skin type and needs, while an internet connection provides updates on weather, humidity, pollution and UV levels. Tips on how to protect the skin against these factors are sent to an accompanying smartphone app. 

Further benefits of the HiMirror can be explored in three key areas: 


The HiMirror makes its recommendations based on products the user already has in their bathroom cabinet – which they input into the mirror’s digital ‘Beauty Box’.

However, should users choose to purchase new, more suitable products, the HiMirror offers suggestions based on items that have been highly rated by other users with the same skin concerns. Purchases can be made directly through the device itself or through the app. An established relationship with brands also gives consumers access to discounts and promotional deals.


The HiMirror is compact, light, and – importantly – humidity resistant, allowing it to be installed in a bathroom. The camera, sat atop the mirror itself, is height-adjustable, meaning it can cater to more than one household member. It also adjusts automatically to the surrounding light.

Gesture and voice control activate and direct the mirror, avoiding unsightly finger smudges on the surface. Meanwhile, voice recognition means that only the user can access their specific account – protecting their data.

It can also play music from Spotify, and is able to sync up with the user’s Google Calendar.

Wellness All Round

As we explore in our Business of Wellbeing Macro Trend, wellbeing is a lucrative avenue for many brands and disciplines. The HiMirror taps into this with its ability to connect with the brand’s accompanying gadget, the Smart Scale, which measures a comprehensive range of body metrics such as bone density, body fat, muscle mass, body water content, BMI and resting metabolism. 

This data is analysed to provide a detailed exercise and diet plan for 360-degree inner and outer wellness.

While we have explored smart mirror concepts previously (see Panasonic Prints Make-Up, Connected Cosmetics, and Rethinking Beauty: Digital Worlds), the HiMirror is the first to bring this analytics technology – previously the reserve of retail – into the home.