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Product Design
Published: 20 Oct 2017

Evoware: Packaging You Can Eat

Indonesian start-up Evoware has created seaweed-based bioplastic packaging that is not only biodegradable, but also edible and nutritious.

Evoware’s plastics are produced as an unaltered biomaterial – meaning that they are created directly from the seaweed, and without the use of potentially harmful chemicals that can leach into the products packaged within.

With no toxic ingredients added in its production, the biomaterial can be safely eaten, allowing users to dissolve sachets of toppings in with their noodles and chew on a burger still enclosed in its wrapping. Eating Evoware is even good for consumers, with the material retaining the health benefits of the nutrient-rich seaweed.

However, if users would prefer to enjoy their foods without the wrapping, or for other non-edible products, the bioplastic material can simply be thrown away – guilt-free – to safely biodegrade back into the natural environment.

Evoware has also created an alternative that combines its base seaweed material with Damar resin, tapped from Damar trees in south Asia. The inclusion of this natural resin acts as a strong combining agent to securely hold liquids. This makes it suitable for single-use personal care items (such as travel-sized shampoos and toothpastes), as well as hygienic encasements for medical instruments and supplies.

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