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Invisible Marketing

Over the next 12 months we’ll see an explosion of innovation in the marketing sector as nascent artificial intelligence (AI), virtual voice assistant and context-aware tech begins to mature. The world this innovation is creating is one where advertising and branding are increasingly invisible.

Far from resisting this, brands should want to disappear: the more seamlessly you're integrating into consumers' everyday lives, the more effective you'll be at targeting their needs and anticipating their intentions. The result? You become as indispensable to them as Google Maps or Snapchat.

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The Hard Facts

  • 51% of consumers find targeted ads on free social media unacceptable
  • 80% of marketing executives say AI will revolutionise marketing by 2020
  • 26% of global consumers would like the development of AI accelerated
  • 60% of brand content is seen as irrelevant clutter
  • 10% of US consumers’ time is spent on mobile social media
  • By 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice searches
  • With an estimated 11 million Amazon Echos sold, this puts the device in 8% of US homes
  • In the UK, 49.4% of consumers would rather use a messaging app to communicate with a business than a phone call

5 Key Trends

  1. Intelligent Automation 

    Artificial intelligence (AI) tech is enabling brands to speed up inefficient processes, from data mining to customer service management. Albert, an AI marketer, can outperform human decision makers by 40%.

  2. Adaptive Content Creation

    Beyond marketing planning and customer outreach, AI tech is beginning to automate and optimise content creation. In the future, brands may be handing over their creative tasks to intelligent machines.

  3. Educating in the Moment

    The increasing popularity of ad-blocking reflects consumers' waning patience with interruptive messaging, but 75% of them also say brands should do more to enhance their quality of life. Brands that don't just tell consumers what to buy based on past behaviour, but also show them why a product could make their life easier in the moment, will gain a competitive advantage.

  4. Predicting Needs

    As technologies like machine learning and natural language processing advance, voice-based agents such as Amazon's Alexa and Microsoft's Cortana will evolve into fully fledged assistants able to understand conversations and predict user needs. Amazon's Echo devices are introducing consumers to an early-stage version of this concept.

  5. Invisible, Infinite Interfaces 

    Voice requires brands to design a search and discovery experience without visual cues, and communicate without easy ways to present a variety of options. Marketers will need to decide how their brand sounds and behaves as the voice-based world becomes more anthropomorphised.

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