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Published: 31 Jul 2017

Rethinking Discounts: Myer Taps FOMO with Six-Second Sale Ad

Myer's six-second sale

Rethinking the standard seasonal sales format, Australian department store Myer ran six-second video versions of its ads for its mid-year sale this year – driving interest by introducing a critical element of FOMO (fear of missing out).

The retailer worked with Google to run the short YouTube videos, which played as pre-roll ads – the promotional ads that viewers must watch before continuing to a selected piece of content. Viewers were only able to see each ad once, with Google algorithms ensuring no-one saw a repeat, meaning that consumers were prompted to act quickly for fear of missing out on a deal.

Those quick enough to hover over one of the ads were taken directly to a pre-loaded shopping cart on Myer’s website, featuring that specific item. Approximately 100 products were involved in the promotion overall.

YouTube’s six-second ad formats were launched in 2016 as an alternative to longer, skippable ads on its videos – a direct response to shorter attention spans among online viewers. This need for snappy, short-form content is particularly relevant to teens and millennials, who are too impatient for ads when watching videos on smartphones (see Destination Teen: Targeting Youth for more on this demographic and mindset).

Short videos also have huge potential for use in context-aware marketing, explored in depth in Third Spaces: Targeting the Transitory, part of our Invisible Marketing Industry Trend.

For more on how to play on a sense of FOMO, see Frenzy's Phygital Drop-Zone App, Social Media to Store: Spurring Crossover Commerce and Reactive Retail

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