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Food, Beverage & Hospitality
Published: 27 Oct 2017

Meal Kits for Doomsday Preppers


US wholesale retailer Costco has launched a new meal kit delivery service for those seeking to stock up for doomsday or a natural or nuclear disaster.

The cheapest option is the Nutristore One Year Starter Kit, which costs $1,000 and contains enough food to feed one individual. It includes nearly 100 one-gallon cans of rice, wheat, tinned fruits and vegetables, dehydrated meats, powdered milk and seasonings. The edibles can last up to 25 years and will provide buyers with 1,400 calories per day. Costco is also offering kits costing $3,999 and $5,999, containing 36,000 servings for larger groups and families.

According to the bulk retailer, the idea for the meal kits came following the multiple hurricanes that have hit the US this year, as well as the growing nuclear threat from North Korea. US supermarket giant Walmart is also selling emergency food packs for $199. These feed one person for a month and have a shelf life of up to 30 years.

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