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Brief Published: 23 Jan 2018

Oh Yeahh! Launches Happiness-Inducing Lip Balms

Oh Yeahh!

Boldly claiming to increase feelings of happiness in the wearer, a new range of lip balms from Italian personal care start-up Oh Yeahh! enhances levels of serotonin – a mood-improving hormone released by the brain.

Oh Yeahh! has released five lip balm varieties – Silver, Melon, Red, Pink and Violet, with each corresponding to a translucent shade and reflecting a particular personality. For example, Melon comes in a peach colour and represents creative and vivacious women.  

The lip balms aim to trigger positive emotions by using a patented Happiness Boosting Complex, which includes a mixture of griffonia (an African plant), kiwi extract and cacao. According to Oh Yeahh!, this combination of ingredients is rich in tryptophan – a precursor to the production of serotonin that boasts better sleep, fewer headaches and improved mood. The brand’s research also claims that the concentration of serotonin in the saliva increases by 280% after 30 minutes of wearing the lip balm.

Oh Yeaah! is not the first brand to use active ingredients that engage with nerve pathways on a neurological level. Aromatherapy is another key growth area, as consumers look to change their mood and mental state with scent. British aromatherapy brand Ila Apothecary’s Feminine Happy Oil blends essential oils to balance feminine energy. 

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